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Duke University
CS/ECE 590 Computer Architecture and Hardware Acceleration
Fall 2019

This course is a graduate-level seminar in computer architecture with special topics in hardware acceleration. This course surveys the landscape of hardware acceleration from historical contexts to recent trends in system designs spanning a collection of architectural techniques (e.g. stream processing, dataflow architecture, parallelism applied to acceleration) and a variety of application domains (e.g. ML, Database, Graph, Genomics). This course also covers the taxonomy of accelerators, the hardware-software co-designing of accelerators, and the deployment of accelerators using the AWS cloud.

University of California Berkeley
CS 252 Graduate Computer Architecture
Spring 2017

This course is an introductory graduate-level course in computer architecture. This course provides the essential background for students intending to pursue research in computer architecture and related fields. This course also serves as preparation for the UC Berkeley EECS computer architecture oral prelim examination.

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